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RTLNieuws 365 Is a Go!

Excited that the iPad app I, together with the great people from Egeniq and others, have been working on for the last couple of months is out now! And we call it RTLNieuws 365.

RTL Nieuws is a well known Dutch news television bulletin by the Netherlands’ largest commercial broadcaster. By introducing this app they are embracing the new possibilities opened by the iPad. They are touting this app as ‘the first real digital newspaper of the Netherlands’.

The app has a wide range of news content, from general to entertainment and sports, and has a strong focus on photography. (It actually uses a slightly adjusted version of KVImageCache under the hood.)

It looks like the app is off to a good start, and is climbing fast in the App Store charts. Most reactions on Twitter are very positive too.

I am very proud to have been part of the team that created this!

Update (29/1/2012): It certainly was a good start! The app reached the number 1 spot for free iPad apps in the Dutch App Store on the same day it was released, and has remained at number 1 since (ten days so far).